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Workshop and storage room.

A technical room where you can clean, store and dry your gear. Facilities include tables to repair and adjust your equipment, Cenote Cave Diving provides you with sets of S80 Sidemount bottles, S40 Oxygen, and S80 twin bottles. Bottles are generally filled with 32% Nitrox but other mixtures can be made to order (Trimix, Nitrox 36%; Nitrox 40%, 100% Oxygen).

Also available for rebreather divers: a Maximator booster for filling 1.5l to 3l O2 bottles, Sofnolime, bailout bottle and a Nitrox / Trimix analyzer.

Xdeep brand Backmount equipment and Sidemount systems are available for rent, as are Light Monkey lamps and all other technical and recreational gear.

Scooters (DPV) are available for rent for course. (Bonex and Submerge)


Cenote Cave Diving has a spacious, air-conditioned classroom with whiteboard and TV screen as course materials / teaching aids and video debriefings.

You will also find a shop area with some map caves and t-shirts for sale. As well; essential equipment for your technical courses and dive gear.

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