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Thirty years of passion for the underwater world

With 30 years of passion for the underwater world and thousands of hours underwater with hundreds of divers, David Mayor always enjoys sharing his experiences, his knowledge for the underwater world, and especially the underground world of Quintana Roo in Mexico.


My name is David Mayor. I was born in Toulouse, France. Following several business trips to Playa del Carmen in Mexico, in 2010 I decided to settle down permanently in Quintana Roo and offer my services as a cave and cenote diving guide.


I discovered scuba diving in France in 1986, and since then I have never stopped this wonderful activity. My passion for the underground environment began in 1992 when I did my first cave diving. This passion has never left me, and opened the doors of technical diving.


In 1998, after almost 10 years of cave diving, I decided to share my passion by becoming a CMAS Instructor and starting a professional career in scuba diving instruction. My growing interest in technical diving drove me to get my Tech and Trimix Instructor certifications, and then to create EASY TECH DIVING in 2004, a technical-oriented training school.

Since 2007 I have been devoted to guiding and training others in cave diving. That's why I founded Cave Diving Cenote, specialized in high-level sidemount, cave TDI, and UTD / DIR courses, in some of the longest underwater networks in the world.


 1986-87         Diver CMAS 1*

 1992:             Diver CMAS 2*

 1994:             Diver Initiator CMAS

 1996:             CMAS 1* Instructor

 2002:             Professional French Diving Instructor Certification (BEES 1)

 2004:             GUE Fundamental and Tech 1 GUE Course

 2004:             Rebreather Diver TDI: Inspiration

 2005:             TDI Tech and Advanced Trimix Instructor

 2005:             Rebreather Inspiration Instructor

 2006:             PADI & EFR Instructor

 2007:             Cavern and Introduction to Cave TDI Instructor

 2008:             Full Cave TDI & CMAS Instructor

 2010:             Sidemount and Cave Sidemount TDI Instructor

 2011:             STAFF Padi Instructor

 2012:             OWSI and Essential Tech UTD/DIR Instructor

 2013:             DC Overhead and Cave 1 & 2 UTD/DIR Instructor

 2014 :            Cave Diver Underwater Cartographer

 2017 :            Megalodon Air Diluant Diver & Rebreather Full Cave Diver TDI.



Instructor in working at height, first aid and electrical hazards, industrial maintenance technician, underwater archeology, underwater work.



Cenote Toh, System Ponderosa, Cenote Ts’unu’un, Cenote Liros, Cenote Ché, Cenote Aak tres, Cenote Choy,Cenote Maalob Oolal, Cenote Sac Yayum ...


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Spoken languages : French, Spanish, English.

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