Practice your favorite activity in the biggest underwater caves in the world.



The Yucatan peninsula is the region of the world where we find the largest number of flooded caves.


There are more than 1500 kilometers of explored galleries, some of them mapped. Quintana Roo contains 335 cave systems, including the three largest flooded cave systems in the world (Ox Bel Ha, Sac Aktun, and Dos Ojos). The Riviera Maya is the paradise destination for speleological divers worldwide. The geological variety of these systems guarantees that you will never be bored in this subterranean world.


The flooded networks of the Riviera Maya are not deep, averaging ten meters, with only a few exceptions. These systems are, however, complex, and it’s essential to have perfect planning and a good knowledge of the location to enjoy these dives.


This is why David Mayor offers his services as a cave diver guide, allowing you take maximum advantage of your diving holiday. You will be guided through some of the less-visited Cenotes, and thanks to his excellent knowledge of the caves you will discover some of the most beautiful and unusual galleries.


Deep Cave diving Cenote Zapote
Full cave diving at Cenote Pit
Full cave diving at cenote Pit
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Full cave diving
Full cave diving
Full cave diving at Cenote Tajma Ha
Full cave diving at Cenote Tajma Ha
Full cave diving
Intro to cave diving guided


You can choose from several options, including a single dive, a longer dive with a stage tank (for certified Stage Cave Divers), or two dives in one day:


- Number of dives: One or two. 

- Minimum required level: Intro to Cave or equivalent.

- Required equipment: Double tank configuration, Sidemount, or rebreather.



If you would like to have photos or a video of your dives, CENOTE CAVE DIVING can provide professional underwater photography or video services.

Cave diving - Cenote Mayan Blue
Cave diving - Cenote The Pit
Cave diving - Cenote Dream Gate
Cave diving - Cenote Doggi
Cave diving - Cenote Xaman Ja'